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WATCH: Comic artists and writers on Scottish comic cons and what’s next

Paisley Comic Con was a success with over 1800 people turning up to the inaugural event.

We got chatting to Neil Slorance, Tanya Roberts, Gary Chudleigh,  Gill Hatcher and James Devlin at the convention on what they think of the Scottish comic con scene and what they have planned for the following months.

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Doctor Who’s Ian McNeice says convention cosplayers are terrific

Ian McNeice at Fort Con
Ian McNeice at Fort Con

Don’t you just love it when your favourite actors, actresses, writes, artists etc praise something to do with their fandoms? Speaking to Doctor Who actor Ian McNeice at Fort Con in October, he happily said that he thinks cosplay is a great way for fans to express themselves.

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Tokyo Toys opens in Glasgow to 2000 fans

Tokyo Toys Glasgow

UK manga and gaming company, Tokyo Toys has opened a new store in Glasgow. So a couple of us from my college journalism class went along to see what the big deal was about.

The store held its grand opening on Saturday April 20 and saw more than 2000 anime and manga fans queue up on Union Street, Glasgow… It was a long queue.

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Cosplay vs Harassment in the UK

MCM Scotland Comic Con: Marvel Meet-up

Cosplay. The general public might not understand what I mean by this, but in the world of fandoms it’s a way for people to express themselves by dressing up as their favourite characters from TV, film and comic books. Cosplays come in all shape and sizes, from your bog standard store-bought Iron Man costume to the intricately detailed homemade designs.

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