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Convention Preview April 2017: Geek Out Show


After the ‘first’ Geek Out show was unfortunately cancelled last year, 4D Events Limited are back with the first of many comic conventions that will grace South Lanarkshire this year.

Geek Out is a new comic con for South Lanarkshire and a first for Hamilton.

Company director, Rick Bruce said: “We know the industry, we know the background, we’ve been to a lot of smaller events and thought, yeah we can do this. Bring it to an area that’s not seen something like this before.

“I don’t think there’s been a comic style event for the Hamilton area before so we’re looking forward to it. The feedbacks been really good so far.”

The events company has been running for 15 years and held music events and motor shows, but Rick along with another company director, Mark Burns, decided that with their love of sci-fi they should start their own comic convention.

“We’re bringing it to an area that hasn’t had it before and showing it to the public. It’s not so much for people on the convention scene as they know it already.

“I want to introduce this to people who don’t know there is this sub culture, this comic con type scene and bring them along. So the traders get a turn of selling their products to new customers and to get more people involved in stuff like cosplay.”

You can’t go to a convention these days without someone cosplaying. It’s pretty much a staple on the convention scene. Geek Out will have a cosplay competition and artist, maker and cosplayer Giulietta Zawadzki, will be there showcasing her award winning talents for creation and cosplay.


Conventions are pretty much in the public eye these days but cosplay is still a subject that most outside the convention scene are unfamiliar with.

Rick said: “Trying to make something to the general public is the kids. Whenever I’ve been to conventions the kids run up because it’s Darth Vadar or Iron Man.

“Cosplay is expression, it’s not buying a suit and putting it on. Everything is unique and has a twist on it. We’ve got a masquerade and prizes near the end of the day.”

Under a tagline of ‘bringing the comic con fun to Lanarkshire’, Rick and his team want to show off to the public what cosplay, makers and other things they might not be to sure about are and let them see how fun it can be.

There are plenty of vendors to check out along with some exciting guests including:

Actor Andrew Lawden – stunt double for Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace who will run his Jedi Academy at the event to teach fans how to fight with a light saber. There is also artist Thomas Foster, who is best known for his work on 2000AD and Judge Dredd.

Andrew Lawden and his Jedi Academy

Hamilton Park Race Course is a different venue from the usual comic con.

On the venue choice, Rick explained: “We’ve got a bit of a history with them because we’ve done music events there.  It’s a different type of setting compared to a concert hall or a trade hall.

“It’s very prestigious. When people go in there it looks beautiful. They have fantastic walk ways, carriageways and the grass is immaculate.

“We’ve got the event spread over different marquees so it’s almost like a miniature festival that people can go between.”

There is lots happening over the course of the event and for more information, check out the Geek Out Facebook page.

Geek Out will take place on Sunday April 30 at Hamilton Park Race Course. Entry is free for children and adults are only £5. 


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