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A blether with DeeCon

DUSA The Union where DeeCon will be held

Ahead of DeeCon on Saturday April 8, we spoke to Margaret MaCabe, head student organiser.


Scots Con Insider: How did DeeCon come about?

Margaret MaCabe: Deecon started as a fundraiser for the Animation degree show at the University of Dundee. It still is to this day and is run by students with the help of DUSA The Union. Animators love conventions and so this was a natural idea.


SCI: There are so many conventions popping up in Scotland, what makes yours different from them?

MM: I’d say what makes our different is that it is student run, and it has artists behind it every step on the way. We really care about what we are promoting and many of us understand the convention scene ourselves. Its smaller than some, but its cheap without cutting down on quality and its something the whole family can attend with it being free for under 14’s.


SCI: Where does your motivation come from doing the convention each year?

MM: The management changes every year, but the motivation of every fourth year group is the fact that our degree show hangs in the balance, combined with trying our best to live up to the reputation of Deecon. Its such a big thing to organise and we don’t want anything to go wrong.
SCI: What’s your favourite part when organising the convention?

MM: Meeting new people, through working with artists and speakers we have managed to get great contacts in the industry and its great to meet creative people from different fields. I’ve never met so many cosplayers before!


SCI: What are you expecting from this year’s convention?

MM: I’m not sure what to expect really, but I’m certain people will have a good time!


SCI: Why have you chosen particular guests?

MM: We chose these guests as they reflected the interests of those who usually attend and many showcase talent and creative projects that go on in Dundee.


SCI: What can convention goers expect from this year’s event?

MM: Expect LOTS to do and plenty of stalls. There will be lots to by and plenty of ways to use your time. There is also a lot more on this year for fans of games and comics. Also some big guest names.


SCI: Cosplay is becoming more popular each year. How important is it to have cosplayers at Dee Con?

MM: Cosplayers are a huge part of convention culture and its a good way to find people with the same interests as show and show off creativity, so its important that this is part of Deecon.


SCI: How busy will your day at the convention? Do you get to enjoy it, or are you running about making sure everything is going smoothly?

MM: My day at the convention is busy as I am there from 7.30 till the end with a walky talky and some good shoes just to make sure everything runs smoothly. However, I might allow myself a wee break to go around and meet some vendors!


SCI: What has been the biggest success of Dee Con so far?

MM: The biggest success has been going from a small student convention to something people go to from all around the country, bringing great vendors and guests with it. We have also made many news outlets this year.


SCI: How would you sum up Dee Con to newcomers?

MM: Deecon is an anime and comics convention that features all aspects of fandoms together meaning there is something for everyone. It is run by animation students who have put in so much work to make sure each year is better than the last and it will continue to grow.


SCI: What does the future look like for Dee Con?

MM: DeeCon will keep getting bigger, but not so much that the students can’t handle. In short, it’ll get better and better with each passing year.


Check out our convention preview for Deecon. 


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