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Film Review: Logan

In the not too distant future, no new mutants have been born for two decades. Logan (Jackman) cares for a bedridden Professor X (Stewart) on the Mexican border but his plans to stay hidden are thwarted by the presence of a new mutant, Laura (Keen) who needs his help in evading the new dark forces at hand.

Director: James Mangold
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Richard E Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Dafne Keen
Rating: 15
Release date: March 01, 2017

MANGOLD AND JACKMAN had the agonising job of sending Wolverine out in the manner he deserves. Violence, gore and an R rating to shatter the sensors, Logan is gritty and nothing like any X-Men film before it.

The first word uttered by Logan is ‘fuck’. He stumbles out his car, woken by a gang stealing his alloys. Does Logan beat the living hell out of them? In a manner, but he is haggard and has a limp. He wins, although not exactly left in the best state himself.

Logan has no mission and little to live for. He needs grounding and that is Laura, X-23. A little girl too much like the Wolverine Professor Xavier first met. Not the disappointment he became, as Charles points out. Logan is reluctant to help her but ultimately relents and slowly builds a relationship with the hostile young girl, helping her as Charles helped him.

Professor X is a drugged up, frail old codger, reminiscent of James McAvoy’s junkie laden shell of a man in Days of Future’s Past, but much more real. He is haunted by his past actions and is slowly losing his mind. Only, there are glimmers of the ‘old’ Professor as he puts his hope in Laura.

X-23 is a wild force of female badassery. At only 11-years-old Keen shows strength where many others fall flat. Very much like a powered up Hit Girl. But at the end of the day she is just a little girl, right? Following a brutal massacre led by Logan and Laura, you watch a blood-stained child sitting on a mechanical horse ride quite content. How very eerie.

Laura is being tracked down by robotically-enhanced soldiers called Reavers led by eugenicist Dr Rice, surgical head of the project Transigen. Essentially, it’s a cat and mouse chase/western that takes up the main brunt of the films plot.

Where the film falters, is what became of the other mutants. A mere watcher not versed in the comic source may be left a little bit clueless, not fully knowing what lead to Logan and Charles’ current conditions. Even the comic regular

With comic book films being thrown about in masses this year, Logan will stick with fans as being the most realistic. Jackman has tapped into the darkest depths of Logan but he still has a bit of humanity left in him. It suddenly becomes obvious that superheroes/mutants are human too. Stark, grim and aesthetically pleasing.


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