Scottish comic cons see bright future as two more conventions make their debut

William Hope, Fort Con 2016

Inverness and Paisley will be the Scots towns to visit this year if you want fresh new comic cons to have a gander at.

Ness Con and Paisley Comic Con are just two of the current 18 comic conventions across the nation this year that would be considered a fans dream day out.

Ness Con will have its first venture this July

Small conventions like Dunfermline Comic Con and Fort Con are doing extremely well financially for their towns.

Dunfermline has had 100% of vendors requesting return booths with hotel occupancy in the area reaching 90% (usual seasonal avg 45%) and the footfall in the Kingsgate shopping mall was up 27%.

Colin MacNeil, artist of the Judge Dredd comics said: “You’ll get lots of locals coming to these conventions which will help the businesses in the areas.

“More people use the buses, stopping into the local cafes. But you’ll get more people coming from further afield. So more business for the hotels, so it all helps.”

Comic artist, Colin MacNeil

Fans from the local area and those travelling from a far will book hotels, eat out at restaurants, and spend money in local businesses, which all contributes to the economy of towns like Fort William and Dunfermline.

These small conventions draw in the crowds by snagging up popular actors.

Fort William’s Fort Con in October 2016 offered fans the chance to meet William Hope, of Aliens fame, Doctor Who’s Simon Fisher-Becker and Ian McNeice and Red Dwarfs Norman Lovett.

Saltire, Fort Con 2016

Ben Belton, event organiser for Fort Con said: “A lot of small towns simply do not have what the cities have so if you do something in a town that normally takes place in a city then people don’t have to travel to it.

“Small communities feel somewhat isolated so to have a more unique event come to town then these things can become quite popular.”

Scotland first comic convention was the Glasgow Film and Comic Con which started in 2011 and was quickly followed two years later by MCM Scotland, Edinburgh Comic Con in 2014 and the Granite City Comic Con in Aberdeen in 2015.

2016 was a big success with five conventions making their mark across Fort William, South Lanarkshire, Dunfermline and Edinburgh.

For a full list of Scottish conventions in 2017, click here.


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