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Convention Preview March 2017 – Rai Con


Three conventions in and Rai Con are back this March to spoil the anime fan inside you.

If you are unfamiliar with what Rai Con can offer you, let’s just say it is a one-day event filled with anime, manga, gaming, cosplay and some of the most interesting fans you could make friends with.

As always, standing out in the crowd is something that most conventions need to do. With so many popping up all over the UK and Scotland, having something that makes your con unique will bring in the crowds.

Event manager for Rai Con, David Bell ensures us that they are passionate about anime and manga. “All fans and fandoms are welcome but we hold anime and manga at our heart. We feel we are well established and are Scotland’s largest anime and manga convention going into our third event now. 

“The team behind Rai Con are all based in Scotland and love what we do! We are always keen to help promote and support other events that further the promotion of the anime and manga community in Scotland; giving fans an opportunity to get together and share their passions, which was the driving force behind the creation of Rai-Con.”

Rai Con is filled with creative fans and many of them will come dressed as characters from their favourite series. What makes any con memorable is cosplayers, both for themselves and for other convention goers. David explains that: “Cosplay is one of the main focuses of our events. Our Main Stage is dedicated to cosplay, with a day of programmed talks and events. In addition, one of our event highlights is the Cosplay Masquerade and C3 Cosplay City Championships – which celebrates our cosplayers talents in sewing, prop/armour making and performance.”

Last years Rai Con competition – Photo by: PhotoGoku

If you’re in a competitive mood, there will be three competitions with Cosplay City Championship. C3 Superstar Championship,  a handmade costume competition (at least 70% handmade), the general cosplay masquerade which you can enter on the day and a brand new competition to this spring con.

The C3 Show Master Performance Championship is Rai Con’s new cosplay performance category. Enter here and have some fun!

There will be loads to do with screenings, talks, panels, workshops, cosplay, anime and manga, plus 100+ tables of artists and vendors including: All the Anime, Forbidden Planet, Waterstones, Kamikaze, Tempo Tea, Settlers Hamilton and Matrix K-Pop & Anime from Berlin.

David said: “We will be screening a variety of Anime episode’s courtesy of All the Anime. There will also be panels and workshops available all day hosted by our cosplay guest judges Exelia and Sketch McDraw Cosplay, as well as by our very talented artists, vendors and attendees.”

This spring convention is set to have the highest turnout yet for Rai Con with over 2000 fans expected to turn up. It takes place on Saturday, March 4 at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

If you can’t make it this March, don’t worry as Rai Con will be back in the winter for a Halloween themed event on October 28.


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