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Doctor Who’s Ian McNeice says convention cosplayers are terrific

Ian McNeice at Fort Con
Ian McNeice at Fort Con

Don’t you just love it when your favourite actors, actresses, writes, artists etc praise something to do with their fandoms? Speaking to Doctor Who actor Ian McNeice at Fort Con in October, he happily said that he thinks cosplay is a great way for fans to express themselves.


Ian was very insistent that: “The cosplay that goes on is terrific. You can express yourself in a costume.

“The freedom of doing that is great, that you can come up and spend the day as your favourite character and not be laughed at because everybody is doing it.”

You always hear about generation X and Z being seen as the unsociable and always having their face glued to their smartphones.

19% of 16-24 year olds in the UK have an iPhone or Android but what they are doing isn’t as closed of as you think.

Within geek culture in the UK, many young people are online, in forums and on social media talking to each other about their favourite shows and for some, about cosplay.

MCM London Comic Con
MCM London Comic Con

Joe Black, MCM Events Community Organiser, believes that cosplay is more important now in the UK and will continue to become more popular as the years go on.

He said: “Cosplaying is a way of telling people I like this and if you like it to we have something in common. I think that’s more important now than ever in this day and age where more socialising is taking part on the internet.

“What we see from the cosplay community is an awful lot of introverts who will go to these events and you think that they only want to interact online but what we saw was people still longing for that real physical social interaction.”

Cosplay is treated amongst those who do it as a way to socialise where they normally would not. It’s a perfect outlet for those who might feel a bit awkward about meeting new people, it’s a great icebreaker.

Aranel: Poison Ivy Photo by: Adrien
Aranel: Poison Ivy
Photo by: Adrien

Aranel, cosplay director at Cosplay City Championship said: “There are many different reasons people cosplay, and there is no right or wrong reason to do so.

“Some people want to try and make an interesting, challenging design, or to compete in cosplay competitions, show their love for a particular character or series and meet others who also love it.”

Amber Oakenshield as Naruto
Amber Oakenshield as Naruto – Photo credit: Alisha Jennings

Amber Oakensheild, 21, a cosplayer originally from Hungary said she believes that it is a form of art and that for each person they have their own reasons for doing it.

She said: “For me it was the only get away. Being the nerdy and geeky kid in high school was hard for everyone, I thought I would never fit in. I didn’t like myself and I hated being in my own skin.

“With cosplay, it gives me a chance to leave the boring everyday life behind and be someone else. Be the character I love and admire. Cosplay has helped me a lot with my low self-esteem and confidence.”


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