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Tokyo Toys opens in Glasgow to 2000 fans

Tokyo Toys Glasgow

UK manga and gaming company, Tokyo Toys has opened a new store in Glasgow. So a couple of us from my college journalism class went along to see what the big deal was about.

The store held its grand opening on Saturday April 20 and saw more than 2000 anime and manga fans queue up on Union Street, Glasgow… It was a long queue.

Tokyo Toys has been around for years and they have a store in Birmingham and previously London. After attending Glasgow’s MCM Comic Con over the years, they decided to set up shop in Scotland’s largest city.

Chatting to regional manager Jon Drew, he said: “From attending MCM Glasgow Comic Con, we realised how cool Glasgow and the people really are and how deprived of anime goodness they were.

“We were looking to expand and the city caught our hearts. Whilst out for food one evening after a Comic Con day, we stumbled across the shop location and that was it!”

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Tokyo Toys has been in business for 17 years and opened their first store in London in 2008.

Jon explained that: “It started as a bedroom business with a loan of £1000 from the manager’s brother to buy stock to sell on a market stall and eBay.”

The store has a lot to offer anime fans including a club area where they can hang out, read their manga, play card games.

Co-founder of Tokyo Toys, Itachi said: “We are going to have the Maids of Scotland here every month doing events and maybe have other events like manga days, drawing clubs and gaming.

“We want to make this a community place for Glasgow.”



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